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1 more makes...4?

 Thatís right, family and friends! It seems that Alex is expecting a baby brother or sister! Personally, Iím kinda rooting for a sister, but Iíll be happy with a brother as well. We went for babyís first pictures today, since I had absolutely no idea how far along I was.  We found out I will be 9 weeks tomorrow. (5/29) We also got to see our little beanís heart beating and little leg and arm buds and it even moved just a little bit for us. Itís amazing what they can do when they are so tiny!

Iím feeling pretty cruddy right now, but I should only have a few more weeks of that. I will be glad to put the nausea and tiredness behind me. My due date is January 1st, just one day off from my birthday! However, knowing my history and my family history, I think itís just as likely weíll have a December baby. I just hope itís not too close to Christmas. I never did like that growing up!

Brent is really taking it well. (We took these pictures just for fun!) Although he moans and groans about having to put up with a pregnant woman again. And once more I tell him that if heíd like to carry the baby and go through labor, Iíd be happy to put up with him being grumpy! Heís heard it quite a few times now. I think thatís about it for now. Iíll keep everyone updated on how things are going!

9 week sonogram-
Taken 5/28/03

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