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1 more makes Four!

 Updated: 11/11/03

Well, 33 weeks now! Only 7 more to go. Time seems very short with so much to do still. Iím feeling just fine. I passed my 3 hour glucose test with ease and so I can quit worrying about that particular problem. It was a pain to have to be at the Dr that long, but I was very happy that this Dr only pricked my finger for each test (as opposed to drawing blood) and I got the results right away. That was a nice change from last time.

Little boy is moving around all the time. He is starting to feel a bit crammed, I believe. Itís getting to the point where I can feel his head or other end pressing against the wall of my belly. Such a funny feeling. Check out my belly on the Belly Pics Page!

Iím going to the Dr every 2 weeks now, though I swear my visits average about 5 minutes each, at least after they get me into the little room and the Dr gets there. Check the heartbeat, measure you, ask if you have any problems, and ďOK, See you in 2 weeks!Ē Wham, bam, thank you maíam! But I guess since Iím not really having any trouble, I donít really care.

We went to visit the hospital on Monday and it seemed nice. The birthing rooms are quite nice and large. You even get your own VCR/DVD player! However, after youíve had the baby they move you to a separate recovery room that is about 1/4 the size for the rest of your stay. Oh well. They make the babies wear an arm band for security that like locks down the hospital if it is either removed or the band gets close to the elevators! Sad that there is the need to do such things these days. Well, thatís it for now! Weíll keep you posted!

22 Week sonogram
Taken 8/27/03

9 week sonogram-
Taken 5/28/03

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