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2 month

Updated: 3/1/04

Weíre so happy to finally be seeing those smiles from Aidan on a regular basis! They make him seem so much more like a little person. Aidan went for his 2 Month visit last week. (when he was actually 2 1/2 months old) He weighed 13 lbs. 12 oz.Whew! He is an arm full! He also had to get three shot, which he handled VERY well! Of course he cried when they were given, but by the time we were out at the checkout desk he was happy again! And he wasnít bad during the next few days at all! Mom was very happy. Alex came along to that appointment though, and he had a much worse time. He had a tooth coming through and he was just mad at the world. I think he cried the whole time we were there! I donít know what Aidanís length was because I was too busy trying to calm Alex. Iíll have to ask next time we are in.

Aidan actually slept six hours at night two days straight last week! My hopes soared. However, he hasnít done it since. :( He was just toying with me I guess. The next night he was up at 3 AM. Ouch. Mom had some choice words for him at that hour. He does usually have one nice stretch when he first goes down for the night. At least 3-4 hours. However, that usually starts around 8 PM, so I donít get to sleep during that good stretch. It does allow me to get a few things done around the house though.

I think thatís about it with Aidan!


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