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4 month

Updated 4/7/04

Aidan is growing fast! He is already over 15 pounds. It seems like he was tiny such a short time ago. He has become a very happy, easy-going baby. Perhaps not as much as some, but he is so much easier than his brother was that it is a great relief to me!

Aidan has moved into his new room and is sleeping there at nights. He really took to it much easier than I expected. He is down to only 1-2 feedings during the night. He usually goes to sleep around 8, eats around 2-3 AM, then again around 5:30, and then is up around 7:30 or 8. I like this night schedule as I actually feel like Iím starting to get some decent sleep! He has also started eating some cereal during the day and seems to like that fairly well.

Aidan is smiling a lot. He even smiles at strangers when they talk to him. He is also doing a lot of cooing and Iíve gotten one or two little giggles out of him. Heís very ticklish, so heíll talk to you a lot if you tickle him.

I think thatís about it on him!

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