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5 Months

updated: 5/16/04

Aidan is still growing like a little weed! He weighs around 18 lbs. now and is about 25 inches long. He’s wearing size 3 diapers, but could probably graduate into size 4 without a problem! We went ahead and switched to the 6-9 month clothes early too!

He is definitely a little piggie. He often eats two stage two size jars of baby food in one meal! This would explain his many rolls all over his body!

He has started grabbing onto everything he can get a hold of, and of course it all goes straight to the mouth. Alex is having to get used to the “sharing” thing. I don’t think he likes the concept! He keeps taking toys away from Aidan, regardless of the fact that they are baby toys he would have no interest in otherwise! Aidan is rolling  lot and trying to get around in his own way. Thankfully he doesn’t look like he’s going to be crawling really soon. He is very social and loves to “talk” and be talked to. He flirts with everyone he meets and is really a pretty happy, smiley baby. He has his moments, yes, but overall he is very sweet!

More next month!

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