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I used to be a middle school teacher at East Millbrook Magnet Middle School in north Raleigh, NC. However, since Alex, Aidan, and Abby have arrived I no longer have to worry about teaching the kids! They take up my time. Raising a baby is more of a full-time job than I ever knew! But they are too cute and definitely worth it!

I have a few hobbies including rubber stamping, quilting, reading, cooking, and of course raising animals, of which we have many!

We were voted on by the board at Camp Grace on Feb. 9th, 2003 and were officially approved as missionary candidates for CBM ministries in Lumberton. We are now in the process of raising our support for that ministry. We are up to about 60% of what we need to go full-time. Pray that God will raise up the people that he already has in mind to support us. He has given us such a peace in this process and truly we feel that if this is where he wants us to be, then he will provide abundantly, as he always has for us!

We’re now also living on the Camp Property in Fairmont, NC. It is a major change for us as we adjust to the slower pace of small-town life. I don’t remember ever living in such a rural area! We are quite literally surrounded by pig farms (which don’t smell too nice) and tobacco farms. Very Different!

I also am a demonstrator for Stampin Up. If you are interested in this aspect of my life, please contact me!


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