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I graduated from Southeastern Seminary on May 25, 2002!  Yeah!  It's only been 20 years of school now, but seems like a lifetime.  My degree is Master of Arts in Christian Education with a concentration in Youth/College.  Beth has suffered and supported us (literally) four long years now so we are both looking forward to a change in pace and opportunities.

Beth and I are working hard on preparations to work full-time at a children’s and youth camp in Fairmont, NC...that’s just outside the big town of Lumberton and just North of “South of the Border” or Pedro’s big hat - you’ve seen the signs.  God has blessed us tremendously in calling us to minister there and the needs and opportunities are tremendous.  CBM currently ministers to almost 4200 children in 28 schools at this time and we have just finished our second full summer of overnight and day camp.  Please continue to pray that our support would come in and for the lives of the children and families that will be changed.


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